We at Washington Orthopaedic Center acknowledge and continue the healing, caring ministry of Jesus Christ. To that end we will always strive to do the following:

  • Render compassionate orthopedic care, respecting each individual’s dignity regardless of race, creed, gender or financial situation
  • Maintain the highest medical standards and ethics
  • Be responsive to the needs of our patients, colleagues and staff
  • Provide a stimulating, pleasant and rewarding environment for our patients and each other

Washington Orthopaedic Center was founded by Dr. Larry Hull in 1973 with a dream of providing quality care to area residents through an organization committed to orthopedic medicine and guided by Christian principles.

After 35 years of service providing orthopedic care to the people of Lewis County and surrounding areas, Dr. Hull announced his retirement effective January 3, 2008.

Although retired, he continues his medical mission work. He has taken nearly 30 trips since 1976, mostly in Central America and Papua New Guinea, providing care and equipment to needy people.

Dr. Hull has organized multiple mission trips which have enabled the donation of orthopedic equipment and training to third world countries.

In conjunction with his family-owned coffee plantation in Papua New Guinea, he is building an on-site family medical clinic for the local residents.

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