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Pizzeria La Gitana of Olympia

Pizzeria La Gitana of Olympia

Pizzeria La Gitana of Olympia

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At Pizzeria La Gitana everything starts with this: . Because when you are passionate about what you are doing you add that special ingredient that touches peoples life.
You add love and joy and those things move mountains because they are priceless.

The next step is to make sure the wood-fired oven is at the right temperature because this will make sure that our imported high quality are going to successfully blend together and release those flavors that our guests are saying keeps bringing them back over and over again.

Now, once this is achieved it is time to put together those ingredients that will create “Probably the best pizza outside Italy”. And for this we have partnered with word wide known suppliers and products because we know we need to buy quality in order to deliver quality. We are offering you that authentic experience and you will taste it in every bite of your pizza.

Whether you will be impressed by the taste of our Italian organic flour, or the real tomato sauce, the authentic cheese taste, prosciutto or blue cheese, is it simply up to you. But something will impress you because you see, after we made our dough and portion it into dough balls we let it seat outside the fridge to get to the room temperature. There is a little bit of magic that yeast likes to do when it is at the room temperature and we know about it. 



We then masterfully roll and top each pizza as it is order and after that we cook it to perfection, using an old and great technique of cooking in a wood fired oven.
What makes it so special? Maybe because we do not cook it in any pan but on the rocks of the oven. Yes it requires skills and experience because the oven is very hot. And yes it is hard and it burns the pizza if you are not present. But we learned to do it naturally because that is what we really have to do in order to take you straight to Italy for a pizza taste adventure.

The end result will be a thin crust pizza that has all the chances in the world to make you say: “Damn. This is the best pizza I have ever had outside Italy

Phone: 360-753-2929

518 Capitol Way S
Olympia, Washington 98501
United States


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